Dear Colleagues,

Turkish Courier and Postal Operators Association (Türkiye KARİD) is organizing are organizing the most comprehensive summit of post & parcel in Turkey the dates between 25 and 26 May 2022 with the participation of all the stakeholders in the post and parcel sector, considered one of the most needed and fastest growing sectors during the period of pandemics. We invite you to this important meeting, to which all the leading companies and all the stakeholders from Turkey and many other countries in the world will attend.

Post & Parcel will introduce you to the international participants and speakers, who will discuss important matters concerning the global post and parcel distribution industry and the future of the sector.

During this event, you may take significant opportunities to talk to the global post operators, courier companies, parcel companies, cross-border shippers, e-commerce companies, technology companies and distribution companies in order to evaluate the current issues, experience new solutions and models and, establish business relationships at a global scale.

This event gives an opportunity for you to know and experience the innovations and technologies that move the sector forward, from the leading business partners to the newest business ventures. During this important summit, in addition to the post and parcel sector, there will be many other matters to discuss in detail such as e-commerce and last mile delivery, logistics processes, digitalization, autonomous features and financial services.

We would be honoured by your participation in the summit of post & parcel as a first in Turkey if you wanted to be present in the summit, where you could exchange information in respect of smart logistics systems, artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, unmanned delivery methods, internet of things, big data solution, new generation delivery technologies, digital marketing and e-commerce technologies, automation of parcels and packages, smart sorting systems, handling of parcels, air cargo and road transportation etc. that the participant companies would bring forward.

We hope you will enjoy the meeting and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Istanbul, in 2022.

The Organizing Committee